Our most comprehensive support plan is a model commonly referred to as “Managed Services”. We call it Proactive Care, or ProCare.  Under this plan, our firm actively monitors all devices on a company network 24/7 watching for vulnerabilities and issues that arise.  Once an issue is detected, our staff go to work immediately to fix the problem…often before the company even becomes aware the issue exists!  Furthermore, our staff work proactively to maintain the working condition of a network…running software and security updates as they are available and tested.  While no company is free from technological failures, the ProCare approach lessens the likelihood and frequency that a failure will occur.  And it ensures that, if an event does occur, we know about it instantly and can take measures to remedy the situation in the soonest possible time frame.  Best of all, ProCare includes the services in our ProGuard plan and our 3-2-1 Backup plan so your infrastructure is rock solid and protected against any disaster.