Edge of Technology has been in business since March 2004.  It was started out of the growing dependence of small and mid-sized businesses on technology to service their needs and stay competitive.  Large corporations have the budget for an IT staff.  It simply isn’t feasible for a company of less than 60 employees to employ a full-time tech…and if they did, they would rely on the expertise of just one individual.

Edge of Technology was designed  to support smaller businesses.  It has always been the goal to provide quick, responsive solutions to clients, drawing on the expertise of each of its staff, while eliminating the need for a full-time IT staff.

But Edge of Technology is about more than just providing support to clients.  Two ideals are at the heart of what EOT does…genuine passion for technology and an old-fashioned belief in customer support.

We are avid followers and consumers of technology.  We believe technology can be as pervasive in a person’s life as they want or need it to be.  But technology shouldn’t be awkward to use like a heavy piece of machinery.  It should work and feel as natural as anything else a person does.

It seems contradictory to use the term “old-fashioned” in describing technology support.  But we have all noticed a rapid decline in the quality of both products and customer support for those products in almost every industry.  In fact, the decline in product quality necessitates an increase in customer support.  We are determined to maintain the quality of customer service clients expect.  We know how important it is for systems to be running to maintain a business, and even a few minutes of downtime translates into lost work and revenue.  And it is our highest concern that our clients remain confident and satisfied with the work we do for them.

About Mark…

Mark started Edge of Technology after 10 years of working at various companies both large and small.

Mark started as a low-level tech in Rand McNally‘s IT department in Kentucky.  This was his first experience recommending and purchasing hardware and software for 3 plants covering 4000+ personnel.  He also performed regular maintenance and repair of computers and networked areas.

At M/D Systems in Encino, Ca.  Mark was charged with full network installations with customized computers in doctors’ offices and supporting in-house software.  This was a new scenario because the “end users” were now clients of the business.

At Fidelity Federal Bank, headquartered in Los Angeles, Mark performed a wide range of duties.  From the standard PC and network support to controlling the wide network that spanned 32 cities across California and across the country, Mark attributes his best experience to this position.

Finally, InfoLink Screening Services in Chatsworth, Ca.  gave Mark the final bit of experience he would need to start a company of his own.  He was charged with controlling a 20 server network with over 90 employees.  No red tape, no formalities or certifications…just raw work and tremendous pressure to keep the company functioning at all times.